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Crystal Candle Wax Sand
14 April 2024
1.11 minutes

Looking for Candles in Vases for your Wedding Ceremony or Reception? 
If you have ever tried to clean Vases that have had candles in them then you will love this. 
Crystal Candle Wax Sand is the best thing I have found. Pour the Sand into a Vase, put a wick in and light it. Lasts for hours. When finished with it just blow out the Candle and the wick is attached to a ball of wax that you just throw away and the rest of the Candle Sand is saved, ready for a new wick and new event. Perfect for any event. Table Centrepieces, Aisle decoration, Bridal Table Decoration anywhere you want a candle.  It can be used in any size vase. 

Crystal Natural Candle Sand Wax

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